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Joy Ride    

R 97 min DramaEnglish MoviesMysteryOld MoviesThriller

IMDB: 6.6/10 59,793 votes

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Joy Ride Movie Free Download HD .Three youngsters on an excursion from Colorado to New Jersey converse with a trucker on their CB radio, at that point must escape when he ends up being a crazy killer.College understudy Lewis chooses to drive the nation over to see Venna, a companion who doesn’t realize that Lewis is keen on her impractically. Sadly for his arrangements, Lewis gets saddled with his unruly lively more seasoned sibling, Fuller, whose out and about tricks get the siblings and Venna sucked into a bad dream when an insane truckdriver takes offense.The DVD incorporates four substitute endings. Three of the substitute endings are simply exchange renditions of the consummation utilized. Nonetheless, in every one of the three, the two siblings physically battle Rusty Nail behind the inn as opposed to Rusty Nail getting in his truck and furrowing it into the inn. In every one of the three endings the accompanying happens: Lewis gets into the truck and furrows it into Rusty Nail. As he is leaving the truck, Rusty Nail snatches him from underneath and endeavors to pull him back in. Fuller races to the front to prevent the police from going into Room 18, however they hold him down and bust in at any rate. · In the main closure Lewis can break the board that is supporting the truck and it comes smashing down over Rusty Nail. · In the second completion, Venna can escape the seat. She shoots Rusty Nail with the shotgun as he is endeavoring to pull Lewis under the truck. · In the third closure, Lewis smashing Rusty Nail with the truck thumps the truck driver into the lodging. Lewis and Rusty Nail battle behind Venna as the police bust into the room. As they do, Lewis pushes Venna off the beaten path of the shotgun impact, and it winds up slaughtering Rusty Nail. Each of the three endings end with the three in the back of a rescue vehicle. Lewis is conversing with his dad on a payphone and powers Fuller to converse with him. The fourth closure – which is really a totally unique third act – starts with the siblings bare at the rest stop. As Venna is conversing with Rusty Nail, she makes reference to something about 70% of maniacal executioners end up slaughtering themselves. She sees Rusty Nail haul up behind her and she blares on the telephone. The siblings run out, Fuller getting dressed and getting into the vehicle, Lewis running stripped over the parking garage to cut off Rusty Nail. Fuller and Venna in the vehicle pursue Rusty Nail. As they keep running close by the semi truck up an exit ramp, they are constrained off the street by an approaching vehicle. Fuller swerves to miss the vehicle and Lewis’ vehicle flips down a slope. After Fuller escapes the vehicle, the man in the other vehicle punches him and starts battling Lewis as he comes running up. Venna hears Charlotte shouting on the CB as the police appear. The following shot is in the police headquarters with the siblings in a correctional facility. Joy Ride Movie Free Download HD .

Joy Ride Movie Free Download HD


Joy Ride Movie Free Download HD
Joy Ride Movie Free Download HD
Joy Ride Movie Free Download HD
Joy Ride Movie Free Download HD
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